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Vegan Neutraliser Cream The new vegan range maintains the same function and effectiveness, thus achieving a product of the same quality and effectiveness but completely vegan.

The complete efficacy of our neutralizer without any animal ingredients. The neutralizer is essential to fix the shape of the hair once the cuticle has been opened with the permanent gel.

Its creamy texture avoids drips, making it easier, more comfortable and safer to apply. It allows us to seal and give the desired shape to create the perfect look.

Directions for Lash Lift professional use only:

Prep:  Thoroughly cleanse the eye area with a gentle foam cleanser, remove excess and dry with a tissue or cotton pad.

Apply Lash Shield:  Stretch and Shape the Thuya silicone lash shield before applying.  This will help them better adhere to the eyelids.  Apply adhesive to lash shield.  Hold and secure the lash shield on the eyelid for approx. 1 minute so it is set and securely dry on the eyelid.  Apply adhesive to the lash shield and lift the lashes on to it in a upward motion.  Pro Tip Ensure all the lashes are separated and flowing the the same direction for flawless results. 

Apply Thuya Permanent Gel:  When applying Permanent Gel always dispose of the first drop of product for optimum results.  Apply the product from the base of the lashes to the middle part of the eyelid, leaving a 1mm gap at the lash line.  Cover the lashes with cling film and process for 10-15 mins. Remove product with a dry cotton pad.

Apply Thyua Neutralizer Cream:  Apply the Neutralizer Cream in the same way as you allpied the Permanent Gel.  Apply the product from the base of the lashes to the middle part of the eyelid leaving approx. 1mm from the lash line.  Cover lashes and process for 10-15 minutes.  Remove with a dry cotton pad.

Apply Thuya BTX or Thuya Regenerating Cream:  To finalise the service apply either Lash Filler BTX or Regenerating cream on the lashes from the root to the tip using a micro brush.  Leave on for 15mins and then remove excess with a spoolie/mascara brush. 

Lash Lift Timings:

Permanant Gel - Thin 8-10 mins Medium 10-12 mins Thich up to 15 mins

Neaurtalizer Cream  Thing 8-10 min Medium 10-12 mins Thick Up to 15 mins

Lash Fille BTX Or Regenerating Cream - 15 mins