Terms & Conditions

All cosmetic tattoo bookings must be secured with a $150 deposit.  

We have a 48 hour cancelation policy, if you cancel, do not show up or reschedule your appointment with in 48 hours and that booking can not be filled with another client your deposit will be forfeited and a new deposit will need to be made to re book another appointment. 

Cosmetic tattoo is a form of semi permanent makeup, retention of your cosmetic tattoo is determined not only by ones skin type but how well one follows the pre & after care instructions & the individuals lifestyle factors.  Each person’s skin is different which means results may vary depending on each individual.  Some people’s skin may heal loosing little to no pigment and others more (this is rare but can happen).  You must understand that this is a risk you are taking and that no refunds or guarantee's will be given.

Prices at our Townsville studio are set and the touch up price is valid once, 8 -12 weeks after and initial procedure. If you fail to attend or you reschedule your touch up appointment without 48 notice a $50 fee will be charged at your next booked touch up appointment. 

If you require more touch ups after the initial touch up prices are based on the individual circumstance and will be charged & discussed accordingly.