Which style will be best for me?

Microblading or Feather Stroke brows.  This style of Permanent Makeup or Cosmetic Tattoo is a technique where we use a manual hand tool made up of several tiny needles to add pigment to the skin to create the look of tiny hairs.  This is a very natural look & best suited for normal to dry, undamaged skin types, this style does not suit oily skin types or skin types with large open pores on the forehead. 

Powder/Ombre brows is where we use a machine with a tiny needle to deposit pigment into the skin in the form of tiny pixels to shade in the brow going from darker at the tails of the brows and lighter at the fronts of the brows.  This technique can be very natural or dramatic depending on each clients desire.  It is the most gentle technique on the skin and lasts longer than microblading.  This style suits all skin types.  

Combination brows is a combination of microblading and powder brows. This style gives a more of a natural look at the beginning of the brow with a more defined tail.

How long does it last?

This will depend on the individuals skin type, how your well your skin retains the pigment, how the brows/lips are cared for after the procedure and the chosen style of cosmetic tattoo. Cosmetic tattoo is considered 'semi permanent' as the pigment does fade out over time, but please consider this treatment permanent as all pigment may never leave your skin fully.   

I always recommend a Touch up visit 8-12 weeks after your initial appointment to touch up any areas that may have not have healed perfectly or need redifining, this is completely normal.  You can expect microblading to last up to 12 months and powder/ombre’ to last anywhere from 12-18months depending on your skin type. Lips can last anywhere from 2-5 years depending on the style chosen. 

I do however recommend a colour boost visit every 18-24 months to keep your brows looking their best and every 24 months for lips.  

All though cosmetic tattoo is considered semi permanent as pigments will fade out of the skin over time the only way to fully remove all tattoo pigment is by way of laser removal.

What does the healing process look like?

Initially all cosmetic tattoo appears darker/brighter in colour.  Microbladed brows will heal about 20% lighter in colour, Ombre’/Powder brows can heal 20-50% lighter in colour & lips 50-70% lighter in colour depending on your skin type, pigment colour used and amount of pigment deposited in the skin.  Once healing commences your new brows/lips will scab, look patchy & dull and feel dry. This is a perfectly normal and part of the healing process, this will naturally rectify itself over the 7-10 days.  The then final result will appear after about 3-4 weeks post tattooing, when the skin is fully healed.

Is it painful?

The procedure is usually quiet painless and the first pass on the skin usually described as a scratchy feeling by most, and there after you should feel little to no pain all though pain thresholds do vary from person to person. Before and during the procedure the area being tattooed will be numbed with topical numbing creams. The client is responsible for the purchase of these through a compounding pharmacy. Upon booking we will give you details on exactly what you will need to purchase & the best place to go. 

Will I still need to wear makeup on my brows or lips after?

This will come down the the individuals personal preference. For example for someone who has microblading, they might want to add makeup to their brows when they are wearing a 

full face of makeup. Also as the tattoo starts to fade out one may want to use makeup to keep them looking perfect and even until their colour boost. 

Will I still need regular brow maintenance?

Yes, I still always recommend regularly waxing or plucking any hairs outside your new brow design. This will keep your new brow shape on point. If you usually tint to disguise greys or 

if you have very light natural hair and have chosen an darker pigment colour for your tattoo you will still need to tint them once agian to keep the look and shape on point. 

How long does it take to heal?

The healing period is between 7-10 days for microblading and 1-2 weeks for powder, ombre’ & combination brows and between 5-7 days for lips. Final results will appear in around 3-4 weeks post tattooing for all styles once the skin is fully healed so patience is a must.

What if I don't have much natural hair in my brows?

Any type of brows can be tattooed, but please keep in mind that if you have little to no brow hair your tattoo may not look as natural as on someone who has a lot natural hairs for the tattoo to blend into. 

Is your salon licensed, safe & hygienic?

YES! We are approved by Townsville local councils health department, I hold a current skin penetrating licence & infection control certificate. All blades and needles are fully disposable and single use. I adhere to the highest level in hygiene practices and pride myself on providing my clients with a safe an hygienic environment at all times