Collection: Microblading Supplies in Australia

Cosmetica Pro Store is Australia's trusted hub for premium microblading supplies. Our selection features innovative and high-quality microblade handles designed to equip professional beauty artists with the tools they need to create stunning, natural-looking brows. And now introducing the CP Nano Flex Microblades, available in a 25 Pack. Our product enables tailored precision for stunning brows every time. 

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Your Destination for Top-Notch Microblading Supplies

In a rapidly-evolving beauty industry, Cosmetica Pro Store prides itself on keeping up with the latest trends and technologies. Our mission is to provide you with the finest microblading supplies in Australia. We focus solely on three unique products, each guaranteed to take your microblading experience to the next level.

Crystal Double-Ended Microblade Handle

This is no ordinary microblade handle. Our Crystal Double-Ended Microblade Handle is a testament to our commitment to superior quality and functionality. It's designed for precision, control, and a comfortably firm grip—critical factors in achieving that perfect brow shape. The aesthetic appeal of its crystal embellishments sets it apart in a league of its own, making your microblading process not just effective but stylish too.

Disposable Microblade Handle Pink/Black Crystals

A combination of convenience and luxury, our Disposable Microblade Handle with Pink/Black Crystals offers an easy and sanitary solution for every professional beauty artist. A unique single-use tool that doesn’t compromise on quality or performance, it is designed for optimal precision and is adorned with gorgeous pink or black crystals for an added touch of glamour.

Disposable Biodegradable Microblade Handle

Finally, for the eco-conscious artist, we have our Disposable Biodegradable Microblade Handle. This product proves that sustainability and beauty can go hand in hand. Made from eco-friendly materials, it provides the same high level of precision as our other handles, yet decomposes naturally after use, contributing to a healthier planet.

Enhance Your Skills with the Right Microblade Handle

In the art of microblading, the microblade handle is just as vital as the artist's skill. The right tool not only ensures a smoother process but also significantly influences the final outcome. At Cosmetica Pro Store, we understand this symbiotic relationship. Therefore, we offer only the best, guaranteeing both beginner and seasoned artists have access to top-tier microblading supplies in Australia.

CP Nano Flex Microblades: Professional Use for Unbeatable Results

Our Nano Flex Microblades are intended for trained professionals, ensuring the safe and effective use of these high-quality permanent makeup needles. They are single-use only, promoting hygiene and the best practice within the cosmetic tattoo industry.

In the hands of a skilled PMU artist, our Cosmetica Pro Nano Flex Microblades are the key to stunning, natural-looking brows. At Cosmetica Pro Store, we're committed to offering only the best in Australian PMU supplies for artists and clients alike.

Every client is unique, with different skin types and individual desires for their brows. To cater to this variety, our microblades come in multiple sizes. The U-shape of the blades is perfect for creating curvy, natural-looking strokes, ensuring each client gets a customised, realistic finish that complements their facial features. 

Our Nano Flex Microblades aren't just sharp – they're super sharp. This level of sharpness ensures a clean and precise application, vital for creating those lifelike hair strokes. Every blade is individually packaged and sealed, sterilised, and comes with a batch number and expiry date.

Shop with Confidence at Cosmetica Pro Store

We’re more than just a store; we're your partner in beauty. We strive to provide you with top-quality microblading supplies that make your work easier, more efficient, and beautiful. With our carefully curated collection of microblade handles, we're confident that you’ll find the perfect tool to suit your microblading needs.

At Cosmetica Pro Store, we believe that quality should never be compromised. Thus, we maintain rigorous standards for our products, ensuring each microblade handle is thoroughly checked for quality, durability, and functionality before it reaches your hands.

Your search for the best microblading supplies in Australia ends here. Whether you're looking for the elegance of a crystal-embellished handle, the convenience of a disposable tool, or an eco-friendly alternative, we’ve got you covered. Choose Cosmetica Pro Store and experience the difference that a quality microblade handle can make in your microblading artistry.

Remember, your skills are half the picture—the right tool completes it. So, shop with us today and take your microblading to new heights with our quality microblade handles.

Frequently Asked Questions - Microblading Supplies Australia

What are the best microblading supplies in Australia?

Cosmetica Pro Store offers some of the best microblading supplies in Australia. Our top products include the Crystal Double-Ended Microblade Handle, the Disposable Microblade Handle with Pink/Black Crystals, and the Disposable Biodegradable Microblade Handle. These products are specifically designed to offer precision, comfort, and style to professional beauty artists. We also have a huge range of cosmetic tattoo needles and permanent make up supplies.

What types of microblade handles does Cosmetica Pro Store offer?

Cosmetica Pro Store focuses on providing three types of high-quality microblade handles. They are the Crystal Double-Ended Microblade Handle for a firm grip and precise control, the Disposable Microblade Handle with Pink/Black Crystals for convenience and sanitation, and the Disposable Biodegradable Microblade Handle for eco-friendly beauty professionals.

Are disposable microblade handles available at Cosmetica Pro Store?

Yes, Cosmetica Pro Store offers disposable microblade handles. We have the Disposable Microblade Handle with Pink/Black Crystals for those seeking convenience with a touch of glamour, and the Disposable Biodegradable Microblade Handle for those who prioritise eco-friendliness in their microblading supplies.

What makes Cosmetica Pro Store’s microblade handles special?

Cosmetica Pro Store’s microblade handles are created with superior craftsmanship and attention to detail. Each handle is designed for precision, control, and comfort to ensure optimal results. Plus, our microblade handles are embellished with attractive crystals or made from biodegradable materials, demonstrating our commitment to style and sustainability.

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