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CP Nano Flex Microblades 25 Pack

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Our Cosmetica Pro Nano Flex Microblades have been designed for the professional PMU artist who wants to create the most realistic looking hair strokes and brows.

Our range of microblades come in multiple different sizes for different skin types & results so that you can tailor your work to the individual client and produce optimum results every time. Their U shape is perfect for creating curvy realistic looking strokes.

Blade Features:

  • Super Sharp
  • Small pin diameters for realistic results
  • Flex blade
  • Pack of 25

All blades come individually packaged and sealed. They have been stetralised and come with batch number and expiry date.

All blades are designed to be used by trained professionals only and are for single use only.

Size Guide
14U .15mm - Our smallest blade, is made up of 14 pins in a U shape and are only .15mm in diameter.  This size blade is designed to be used on normal to thinner skin types and will replicate a normal to thin brow hair thickness.    

16U .15mm - Our next size up is our 16 pin microblade which is made up of 16 pins in a U shape, so slightly bigger than the 14U .15mm.  Pin diameter is still super small being only .15mm.  Use this blade on slightly bigger brows to still create hyper realistic hair like strokes on normal to thinner skin types.

16U .18mm - This is our lagers blade size.  It is comprised of 16 pins forming a U shape that are .18mm in diameter.  Use this blade on thicker skin types or for clients with thicker natural brow hair.

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