Cosmetic Tattoo Process

To achieve the best results your cosmetic tattoo is done over 2 appointments, an initial session which can take 2-3 hours. Then at a second session approximately 8-12 weeks later, when they are fully healed, this usually only takes about 1 hour. This is what is know as the 'Touch up' visit, and it is to perfect any areas that may have not healed perfectly or need more defining, this is completely normal.  

After that, depending on the style of permanent makeup chosen, your brows or lips can last any where from 12-24 months before any maintenance is required. I recommend returning to our studio in Townsville and having a colour boost every 18 months to keep your brows looking their best and every 24 months for lips.

Your appointment will start with an in depth consultation. We map out, pre draw your new brows/lips on with a pencil and pick a pigment colour. You will see what the shape & colour will look like before any tattooing is done.  This first part of your appointment is what will take the most time so be assured you have plenty of time to decide on the final design of your new brows/lips.  We then go ahead and perform your tattoo.  The area will be numbed throughout the procedure to avoid any discomfort.

Immediately after your initial appointment your brows/lips will appear darker/brighter in colour and can be slightly red or swollen.  Redness or swelling usually subsides within 24hrs.   

Please consider booking your appointments around any social occasions, holidays or public outings as post tattooing and while your brows are healing, your brows/lips will go though a healing stage, they will be dry & scabby.  For brows this usually last around 7-10 days and lips 5-7 days, during this time you will not be able to wear makeup on the area, get the area wet, excessively sweat or be exposed to direct sunlight until they are fully healed, so once again keep this in mind when booking your appointments.