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Noemi - Glue Balm Strong Super Sticky 25g

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Noemi Glue Balm Strong has a new and stronger formula than the classic Glue Balm.

Absolutely unique and first on the beauty market as a strong version and new formula, as well as consistency.

Noemi was the first to develop/invent an eyelash lifting glue, in the form of a balm rich in vitamins and nutrients, which, unlike normal eyelash glue, prevents the eyelashes from drying out, while not drying completely during the treatment.

The revolutionary Lash Lifting #noemigluebalmstrong is a hybrid glue without glue - but it works like glue to attach the lashes to the silicone pad.

A plus point of this unique formula is that it doesn't dry completely during the treatment, so you can still make adjustments when straightening the lashes.

Noemi Glue Balm Strong comes in 15ml. (lipstick format) or in 25ml. (can)