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NIKK MOLE - Remover Tonic 50ml

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NIKK MOLE Professional tonic remover is the perfect solution for removing unnecessary henna or dye from the skin. This remover has a universal gentle formula which ensures it is suitable even for the most sensitive skin. Can be used for both eyelashes and eyebrows.

Gently and effectively remove dye from the skin if you made a mistake or if you need to correct the intensity of the colour.

This remover can help you lighten the shade by 1-2 tones.

Using NIKK MOLE Tonic - can also be used to achieve a soft transition at the begging of the eyebrow to creae an ombre effect.

 NIKK MOLE Remover

  • Doesn't contain ammonia
  • Has neutral pH level
  • Doesn't dry the skin
  • Has a beautiful pleasant smell
  • Dermatologically tested 

50 ml

Made in Russia

How to use: Apply the toner to the desired areas with a cotton pad a cotton tip, rub lightly until the desired result is achieved. Rinse with water