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ELAN - Silk Cleansing Detox-Mousse, 90ml

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Silk mousse has been developed to cleanse eyelashes, eyebrows and skin.

A unique formula based upon hydration and component delivery gently cleanses and degreases skin and hairs, assisting in better and deeper dye fixation.

In addition to cleansing, the foam also moisturises and nourishes the hairs and skin. Due to its properties, it also recommended for cleansing on dry skin.

Application: Apply the necessary amount of foam to the eyebrows and/or eyelashes. Next, spread delicately with a brush. Remove with a cotton pad and water.

Betaine and panethenol profoundly moisturises and nourishes eyelashes, eyebrows and skin Silk protein hydrolysate makes hairs shiny and elastic, and prevents skin from flaking.

Expiration date: 24 months Period After Opening: 6 months