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ITALWAX - Hard Wax Emerald Top Line, 100g

ITALWAX - Hard Wax Emerald Top Line, 100g

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ITALWAX TOP LINE EMERALD SYNTHETIC FILM WAX A precious semi-transparent emerald green film wax with a sparkly finish formulated with the finest synthetic polymers.

This jelly wax is the most flexible and elastic of the range and can be applied in ultra-thin layers for a more economical usage. Ideal for waxing procedures on extended areas such as arms and legs on sensitive skin This product is a high quality film wax with a translucent emerald green color with a sparkly finish that adds a visual appeal to the wax.

 This wax is specifically formulated using top-grade synthetic polymers. These synthetic polymers are crucial to the wax's composition, as they bestow upon it exceptional flexibility and elasticity compared to other waxes in the same category. This inherent flexibility and elasticity allow the wax to be spread over the skin in extremely thin layers. Such thin application is doubly beneficial; it not only ensures that the waxing procedure is more efficient and less wasteful but also contributes to a more cost-effective use of the product over time.

Designed primarily for the removal of unwanted hair from large body areas like the arms and legs, this wax is particularly suitable for individuals with sensitive skin. Its formulation recognizes the need for a gentle yet effective hair removal process, aiming to minimize discomfort and potential skin irritation typically associated with waxing sensitive areas.

Features: Semi-Transparent, Emerald Green with a Sparkly Finish: Aesthetic appeal during the waxing process.

Finest Synthetic Polymers: For maximum flexibility, elasticity, and economical usage.

Ultra-Thin Application: Optimizes wax usage while ensuring thorough hair removal. Ideal for Sensitive Skin: Gentle formulation for hair removal on sensitive areas.

Hybrid Wax Technology: Combines the benefits of film and liposoluble waxes for a superior hair removal experience.

 For professional use only.

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