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INLEI - Lash & Brow Tint - Blue Night 15ml

INLEI - Lash & Brow Tint - Blue Night 15ml

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Made in Italy, these professional tints are designed to work with InLei® Tint Developer 1.5% which is one of the softest developers on the market which guarantees the most gentle tinting without the damage!

Product Details:

- Suitable for tinting brow hairs and skin

- Do not cause damage to the hair follicle

- Provide deep colour and long-lasting effect

- Guarantees stable and predicted results

- Lasts on the skin for up to 6 days

- Lasts in hairs up to 6 weeks

- 15 ml

- Made in Italy

 How to use:

-Before applying the tint clean the area with  Saline pre-treatment or professional cleanser to clean and prime the brows.

-Mix the tint in 1:1 proportions with tint developer in a mixing glass dish

-Apply on brows using a brush 

-Processing times 8-12 min

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