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Noemi - Intense Step 1.5

Noemi - Intense Step 1.5

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Noemi Intense Step 1.5 - The innovation in the area of lash lifting and brow lamination for thin eyelashes and eyebrows, for regular users of lash lifting and eyebrow lamination as well as for those with damaged hair, we present Noemi Intense Step 1.5.

This groundbreaking product revolutionizes the care and regeneration of eyelashes and eyebrows.

The way it works is as unique as it is effective: After the first step of the lifting (perming, Step 1), the hair scales are opened. This is where our Intense Lotion comes in by injecting moisture, peptides, beeswax, shea butter, vitamins and other ingredients deep into the eyelashes and eyebrows. This minimizes and protects the damage caused by the permanent wave agent.

What makes Noemi Intense Step 1.5 special is the combination of ingredients such as argan oil, panthenol, castor oil and hyaluronic acid. These not only ensure repairs, but also a beautiful, shiny look. The eyelashes become more resilient, elastic and stronger, which prevents breakage.

The difference to lash fillers, serums and other care products for "lamination" is that Noemi Intense Step 1.5 penetrates the opened hair scales and protects against the chemical Step 1, while other care products serve to seal the closed hair scales and to form a protective layer, called lamination.

In summary, Noemi Intense Step 1.5 offers: - Deep care and regeneration for eyelashes and eyebrows - Unique combination of ingredients for repair and shiny look - Adaptable application methods for different needs - Penetration into opened hair scales for minimized damage - Safe pH value, even for sensitive eyes suitable.

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