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NIKK MOLE - Brow Scrub Glossy Gold 50ml

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The unique formula of Nikk Mole Brow Scrub is a blend of nourishing and exfoliating components that work together to soften, exfoliate and clarify the skin in a single action. Suitable for any skin types.

Nikk Mole Brow Scrub is a light exfoliating solution that gently and carefully prepares the skin before Henna or Dye/Tint application.

It's multi-component formula with natural ingredients makes it a perfect addition to your Brow Kit. It not only perfectly prepares the skin before the treatment but also prevents any ingrowth.

Its luxurious caring components will turn exfoliation process into an express-brow Therapy!


- Natural sea salt crystals in combination with coffee grains will guarantee gentle exfoliation and removing the dead cells and impurities, making the skin perfectly smooth and ready for Henna or Tint/Dye application

- Sea buckthorn extract and oils will nourish and moisturise the skin, and return the natural glow

- Sunflower honey creates a warming effect and will guarantee a real spa-experience for your client's brows! Boosts oxygen exchange processes in the deep layers of the skin and wakes up dormant hair follicles creating a crisp natural line of the eyebrows!

50 ml.