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INLEI - Frida Mascara

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Frida mascara is a safe, functional, easily removable mascara compatible with beloved eyelash extensions and natural eyelash treatments.

100% Made in Italy

Soft and enveloping consistency Compatible with eyelash extensions and Lash Filler treatment

Easily washable with InLei Mousse

Its formulation is based on natural waxes

Equipped with high precision and definition brush - with Keratrix that regenerates the lashes and gives new elasticity while protecting the natural hair, Keratix increases the strength and elasticity of the lashes

This mascara provides comprehensive protection for healthy and damaged hair as it contains peptides and amino acids

It is specially designed as a treatment after LASH FILLER lamination. It can therefore be combined to align and make the lashes perfectly bright after this treatment Being oil-free, it also maintains extensions for a long time

To remove: Wash with hot water (not necessary to rub) Remove with warm water and Inlei Mousse