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Client size Aftercare!  

Soothe, replenish, and revitalise the skin with HydraGel.

HydraGel is a super lightweight, aloe-vera based jelly that helps to repair and hydrate the skin after tattooing and waxing.
HydraGels innovative formula consists of four all-natural ingredients: aloe vera, witch-hazel, lavender oil, and honeysuckle. These superstar components work together to repair the skin, prevent infection, reduce inflammation, and ease the itching sensation that occurs during the healing stage.

Apply a pea-sized amount of this miracle gel to the tattoo post-procedure. HydraGel will do the rest!

Application: On the day of procedure, clean the tattoo with cotton wool and sterile water roughly every half an hour. This will help to remove any dirt and excess fluid. In between each clean, apply a pea-sized amount of HydraGel to the tattoo. This will slowly be absorbed by the skin, leaving it feeling strong, healthy, and hydrated. Apply morning and night for the rest of the healing period.